Speed. Elegance. Gaits. Beauty.

Poseidon was said to have "created" the horses when Zeus asked him to create "the most beautiful of animals." No doubt Freya (the norse goddess) felt compelled to alter her "distant brother's" creation with the Icelandic horse, the most noble, elegant and sweet of horses. She must have thought the personality of loyal companion suited these smooth-gaited young horses.

Personality — and Looks Too!

On KD Farms our stallions mingle, always playful, never fighting. Our mares and foals are one lovely, social herd that results in that most well-disposed of horses, the Icelandic. Oh, certainly, people think of Icelandics for their smooth gaits and their adorable looks and their long flowing manes and tails. The real reason to take an Icelandic as a riding companion is personality. They offer unreserved love.

Yes, They Are For Sale.

As we watch our foals grow up we realize just how hard they will be to sell. They're family now. At some point they must find new families. What do we look for? Someone who wants an Icelandic horse and none other, preferably experienced. If not experienced, willing to be properly trained. Our horses can only go to homes with other horses; they're too social for non-herd environments. They should be kept pastured, not stalled. More than any other horse they need daily love, and their own kind.

Nature’s Own Perfection!


Besides raising our Icelandic horses the natural way, we apply the same methodology to our vegetables as well.

KD Farms is dedicated to growing foods the natural way. KD Farms is a fully organic farm. No chemicals. No artificial fertilizers. Horses raised the natural way, naturally handled and raised.