All about us

All about us

Everything on KD Farms is built around nature and the natural way, from our easy attitude to sharing with wildlife (at last count, a herd of deer, one heron, a flock of wild turkeys, two coyotes, an otter, a beaver, endless rabbits and birds of every type from hawks to geese to scolding bluejays) to growing vegetables organically.

foals-950-2Our Icelandic horses and dogs are also family, with our facilities built around natural horse keeping: herd environments, large pastures, pasture breeding, birthing, nursing and training. Our one bow to nonconformity with the elements is our indoor arena for year round training. Our horses enjoy being out year round and generally only come in for the farrier. This gives them a hardiness and happiness that is obvious in their easy demeanor and a healthy glow. The single draw back to field raising year round is a slight tendency to gaining weight in the summer! And, are they ever cute with their winter coats!

Even our training is natural, from late weaning (less stressful) to use of only gentle techniques in handling including Parelli methods and T-Touch. A happy horse works harder and lives longer.

Our mission is natural!

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