Listur Fra KD Farms

Gaits: Five Colors: Bay pinto Personality: Friendly and likes to explore Appearance: Playful and curious Training: Basic Born: Canada 14 July, 2006 Sire: Dyggur Fra Helms Hill Dam: Skugga Fra Icelandic Horse Farm

Kostur Fra KD Farms

Gaits: Five Colors: Bay Personality: Friendly and adorable Appearance: Energetic and fast runner Training: Basic Born: Canada 13 July, 2006 Kostur means good quality, and indicates that the horse has good fast pace or tolt. Sire: Dyggur Fra Helms Hill Dam: Sandra fra Arbakka (Rakel)

Aldin Fra KD Farms

Gaits: Five Colors: Black Personality: Charming, loves to be handled Appearance: A stunning black beauty Training: Basic Born: Canada 21 June, 2006 Aldin means “lucky windfall” and he is just beyond cute. Sire: Dyggur Fra Helms Hill Dam: Fluga fra Icelandic Horse Farm

Skuggi Fra KD Farms

Gaits: Five Colors: Bay Personality: Inquisitive and friendly Appearance: Elegant and unique Training: Mommy’s in charge right now Born: Canada 13 June 2005 Bjarta’s 2005 foal from Dyggur is a gorgeous dark bay. He is bold, inquisitive, loves people and other horses. On his first day he was already playing …

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Kunnatti Fra KD Farms

Gaits: Five Colors: Chestnut with black mane and tail (currently  he’ll change) Personality: He’s a cuddler Appearance: In spite of cuteness, carries a sense of nobility similar to Mom Training: Basic Born: Canada 4 August 2005 Kunnatti means “KNOWLEDGE” in Icelandic language and he’s a smarty. He’s very bold, …

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Arcturus Fra KD Farms

Gaits: 4 gaited Colors: Bay Personality: Outgoing and social Appearance: Gentle and love to play Training: Halter trained Born: Canada 2 June 2005 Haltjarna’s cuddly chestnut colt enjoys hugs. From the day he was born he ran up to people for attention. We named him for Arcturus, one of the …

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Fyrstur Fra KD Farms

Gaits: five Colors: chestnut Personality: adventurer, bold, loves people Appearance: he just embodies “energy” Training: halter trained, stands for farrier, gentle Born: Canada April 2004 Fyrstur is a three years old who just loves life, horses, people, dogs. He can’t get enough of play. He hangs with the mare herd …

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Hetja fra Iliff

Gaits: four Colors: red and white pinto gelding Personality: friendly, stable, playful Appearance: noble and strong Training: steady and reliable and well trained Born: Canada 1996 His name means “hero” and this suits his personality. Not only is he brave, he’s the most likable fellow in the field, always the …

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