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Offered for Stud at KD Farms our splendid dark bay pinto

  • Evaluated Conformation Total 7.70
  • Breeding Assessment Certificate, Canadian Icelandic Horse Federation

This stallion should pass on his easy-going yet spirited personality and other traits. He is gentle, proud, easy to handle, loves children and people in general and is very social with all horses.

Dygger prefers to field breed and is available for service at our farm. He is a consistent, persistent and gentle stallion who has his way with mares without undue excitement.

His colors are very special, with a nearly chocolate brown/black and white pattern. His mane and tail are extravagant and flow.

This season, eight of his foals were born. Pictures of his foals are listed below.

Dyggur was born April 9, 1999
Sire (S): Sindri fra 1182 Gardi
Dam (D) Gloria fra Husey
Measuremenets: 129cm at the whithers.

Foals sired by Dyggur:

Ostara Fra KD Farms (pinto)

Arcturus Fra KD Farms (bay)

Sifa Fra KD Farms (bay pinto)

Skuggi Fra KD Farms (bay)

Unna Fra KD Farms (bay)

Kunnatti Fra KD Farms (bay)

Jola Fra KD Farms (pinto)

Freya Fra KD Farms (pinto)

Aldin Fra KD Farms (black)

Tildra Fra KD Farms, (pinto)

Kostur Fra KD Farms, (bay)

Listur Fra KD Farms, (pinto)


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