KD Farms Icelandic

KD Farms Icelandic

The Horse of the Gods

“The Horse of the Gods,” according to Horse Illustrated Magazine, Icelandic horses are known for their unique combination of sweet and trusting dispositions with awe-inspiring five-gaited athletic ability.

KD Farms special, naturally raised Icelandics are raised for sweetness and eagerness of disposition. Located in Ontario Canada, we raise our Icelandics as companions and friends, not workers and servants. They have the best of horse life: field life (never stalls), organic pastures, hay, chemical free natural horse raising. The hardy and delightful Icelandic horse is the ideal horse to demonstrate the virtues of natural and organic horse raising.

For a thousand years the world’s purest breed has delighted riders with its wonderful five gaits, athletic abilities and sweet doting personalities. The Icelandic horse, while free spirited, is perhaps the most eager-to-please horse breed for the pleasure and sport rider.

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