Let it ride!

Let it ride!

Our personable geldings are all about stability, spirit and easy riding. After all, why buy a gaited horse if not for these important experiences.

Our geldings are so reliable we often prefer no saddle. Bareback on a well trained horse is always a delight! Our geldings love their daily rides at a brisk tolt over our rolling trails!

Our geldings:

  • Aldin Fra KD Farms
  • Arcturus Fra KD Farm
  • Fyrstur Fra KD Farms
  • Hetja fra Iliff
  • Kostur Fra KD Farms
  • Kunnatti Fra KD Farms
  • Listur Fra KD Farms
  • Skuggi Fra KD Farms
  • Sproti fra Icelandic Horse Farm
  • Stimpill fra Hrafnagili

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