The Icelandic Horse

An ancient breed, considered perhaps the most pure among horse breeds, the Icelandic is best known for two distinct traits:

  • Extra gaits, expecially the ultra smooth TOLT and the thrilling FLYING PACE
  • Sweet and unique dispositions and personalities.


Furry, with long uncut manes, sweeping uncut tails, the Icelandic is at once adorable and huggable AND noble and pure. All ages of riders feel the instant urge to throw their arms around the eager and friendly Icelandic. Hug away, because they love it!

Icelandic horses are also diverse. They share the stocky and sturdy build that allows them a purity of gait and surefootedness. They are athletic in the extreme. And, they come in every desirable color… palomino, pinto, bay, black, grey, dappled, blue dun… any color you might find appealing. But it’s the personalities that charm.